Digital Manipulations is another service offered:

Don't like the cluttered background in your photo? John can eliminate the problem. This photo of Chief's Crown looks so much better without a crowd standing in the scene behind him.

Fappiano - on the left, after winning the Metropolitan Handicap in 1981, gets a well deserved bath from his groom Adolfo (at his front hooves). The image on the right has Fappiano standing so still and polite - without any human help at all!

The day John took this photo of Seattle Slew was also the final "side-by-side" for his sculpture - seen on the stall front in the left rear of the photo. There were other people there, and one in particular who just had to get in every shot he took. Through computer image manipulation, he was able to remove the unwanted spectator as if she never existed at all.

Again, when he wanted a close up of Slew's beautiful head, as seen on the right, he had to put up with this really pesky person getting in his shot - yet again! A little creative editing, and the shot on the right is the result.

These two shots of John's adopted, retired Thoroughbred gelding - Lord Rusty - had the backgrounds manipulated ... altered ... to produce a nice clean image. Although the lighting and the footing were perfect to produce a fine reference photo of Rusty to be used for his sculpture, the storage shed gave the image an all too cluttered appearance that was very distracting. A little photo magic, and viola, a nice reference photo of Lord Rusty!

From left to right: Rusty as originally photographed; with an all sky background with clouds; The same sky background, but without the halter; and now with his name in the photo.